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MP3jam is a program to download music for free on your PC and that offers us the possibility to explore a huge catalog of songs, albums, and styles


Program to download music for free in MP3 format

July 11, 2018
7 / 10

Despite the increasing number and quality of online music streaming services, some people are still reluctant to sign up and prefer to download their music in MP3 format. And the truth is that nowadays there are fewer services that offer these functions mainly thanks to Spotify, Apple Music, and company who are gradually managing to kill music downloads.

Nevertheless, there are still a few programs such as MP3jam that allow us to download music for free in MP3 format, the main advantage of which is how comfortable it is to use: we don't have to muck around with impossible databases and it's as simple as searching and downloading.

The program's interface allows us to search for music based on different criteria. We can find music according to our mood, by genre, receiving suggestions or by name of the band, song or album in question. After that, we'll simply have to press the download button to get a copy on our hard drive or listen to the song online

Main features

This software offers us a clean and manageable user interface with all the following features:

  • Download full albums in just one click.
  • High-quality sound thanks to the fact that it only downloads MP3 files at 320 kbps.
  • High download speed: just seconds for a song or a few minutes to download a full album.
  • Full control over the downloads: it comes along with functions to control the number and size of the downloads, pause and resume them and also to decide where to store the files.
  • Option to check our download history and listen to songs on the list. We can also directly access their location.
  • Find the best songs from any band or singer thanks to the fact that they are sorted by relevance and popularity according to user opinions and number of downloads.
  • Share the songs on social networks of the likes of Facebook and Twitter.

Here you can find all this year's latest hits as well as the best oldies.

This is a trial version that offers us the possibility to download songs with limitations. If you want to be able to download files unlimitedly, you'll have to get hold of the full version by purchasing a serial number.

In any case, we'd like to encourage all Malavida users to resort to legal download sites to listen to music. Thus, you'll avoid any kind of legal problem and you'll be helping artists to get paid for their work because at the end of the day they can't live on air.

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